Baby Incubator Servo Control with 3 Digital Display
  Technical Specifications  
  • Servo Control Facility.
  • Baby / Air / Required (Set) Temperature on display.
  • Easy Temp.Setting resolution 0.1°c by Pot meter.
  • Temp Setting Range25°c to 39.5°c.
  • Systems fault audio/visual warning:
      (A) Power Fail
      (B)High Temp.Cut off
      (C)Baby Probe
      (D)Air Sensor
      (E)1°c low (only visual) & 1°c Hi Audio alarm from set temp.
      (F)Fan Fall, other general features are same as mentioned in other models,in warmer no fan       fail fault other Technical features are same as mentioned above in warmer.
  Note: Mechanical Specifications is as same as in the Microprocessor servo control baby incubator/warmer.  
  The company, presently catering to the South Indian market, is keen to expand its business activities throughout India and world.
  The company is looking forward to make dealers throughout India and abroad..