Baby Incubator Servo Control with 2 Display
  Technical Specifications  
  • Two Display: Air / Baby temperature same display.
  • Required (set) temperature on other display.
  • Required (set) temperature by variable pot knob.
  • Required (set) temperature range 25°c to 39.5°c.
  • Mode selection switch for Air/baby.
  • Temperature maintenance accuracy ±1°c warmer, 0.5°c baby     incubator.
  • System fault warming audio/visual
         (a) High Temperature.
         (b) Power Fail.
         (c) Air/Baby probe open.
         (d) High temperature Probe open.
  • Heater power indication by led.
  • Power supply 230 ± 10v, 50 Hz.
  • Power consumption for Incubator 400 watt/warmer 1000 watts.
  • Fuse 5 Amp.
Mechanical Specification Incubator
  • Clear imported acrylic canopy front
       admittance & 4 port holes.
  • Humidity meter & I.V.Stand.
  • Open Trolly made by mild steel with
       powder coated.
  • Head up and down facility.
  • Rigid castor wheels for easy mobility.
  Mechanical Specification Radiant Warmer  
  • Baby tray with mattress along with three-side detachable Acrylic side wall.
  • I.V.Stand, observation light.
  • Silicon quartz heater or ceramic,Heater enclosed in stainless steel reflector.
  • Rigid castor wheels for easy movement of  equipment.
  • Head up and down facilities.
  • Body of mild steel one drawer.
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