Radiant Warmer Servo Control with 3 Display
  Mechanical Specifications  
  • Main Cabinet Fabricated in Mild Steel.
  • Cabinet Painted with Epoxy Powder Coated.
  • Baby Tray with mattress along with detachable side support.
  • I.V.Stand provides for administration in drips etc.
  • Rigid castor wheels along with two brakes provided.
  • Head up and down facility.
  • Earthing chain provided.
  • Oxygen cylinder attachment is provided.
  • Examination Light provided.
  • Imported Silicon Quartz heater of special quality is provided along    with S.S.Reflector.
  • Slow running suction unit included.
  • Oxygen Flow Meter in the bottle, Humidity flow meter.
  • Four Halogen Bulbs provided for Phototheraphy.
  • Resuscitation Kit includes one Ambubeg ( Ped ) Silicon One Set    Ped Larange Scope with Two   stainless steel blade 3 No. ET    Tubes, Oxygen connection tube, adapter,Mucus Sucket.
  • Apger Timer with Display 1 min, 5 min, 10 min.
  Note: Technical Specifications is as same as in the Microprocessor servo control baby warmer.  
  The company, presently catering to the South Indian market, is keen to expand its business activities throughout India and world.
  The company is looking forward to make dealers throughout India and abroad..